Research Chronicles disappointments in Prevention of Dementia – Cochrane Collaboration

The Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group of a global network of evaluation scientists (the Cochrane Collaboration) recently completed a systematic review of community and in clinic research to determine if giving cholesterol – lowering drugs (statins, specifically) to older people who were considered at risk of dementia but still with normal cognition, would prevent the onset of the disease. Although the quality of many studies was too low to use, they still found enough evidence to conclude that giving statins late in life is not likely to prevent dementia. (

Previous research by the group have found similar disappointing results for treatments to lower blood pressure and for Vitamin B6 supplementation in the prevention of dementia. Adding to the litany of disappointment are lack of evidence that treatment of Type 2 diabetes, or folic acid with or without Vitamin 12, have helpful effects in preventing dementia. And solid evidence that estrogen treatments with or without progestagen do not protect against cognitive decline in older women.

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